Increasing Alumni Participation with Gift Cards

May 23rd, 2012

College graduation has come and gone and now many have the honor of calling themselves Alumni! But what will keep that school spirit going after the diploma has been hung on the wall? College and University Alumni Associations across the country ask themselves this very question constantly. Well look no further, the answer is Gift Cards! Gift Cards are a great way to increase membership, thank donors and more:

GCP’s NEW Facebook page caters to non-corporate entities that buy gift cards in bulk. Check out our Facebook page and latest post to see how you can use gift cards to engage university and college donors and alumni.

Written by Stacey Sicurella

Stacey Sicurella is a 15-year marketing veteran, working in the Boston area for GiftCard Partners. Recent accomplishments include blogging with abandon, acquiring work-life balance and building amazing sand-castles with her children. You can find her on Google+.

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