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Incentives for the New Generation

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Millennials, those who currently are in the 18-33 age range, will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. This generation posses an entirely different outlook on workplace culture than the generation before them. Technology is the primary Millennial influence, both in and out of the workplace.

Growing research shows that point system incentive programs have the highest success level, especially with Millennials. These employees want to not only be recognized, but they also want choices in how they are rewarded as well. Points programs are virtually foolproof, easy to understand, appeal to the interests of many different types of participants, tend to have higher participation rates, and are just plain fun!

One amazing employee points program incentive model is the Values In Action program at CVS/pharmacy. An online rewards system where colleagues and managers can recognize one another by granting points that are redeemable for merchandise, travel vouchers, gift cards, and even the option to make a charitable donation.

While points programs work best for Millennials, they can be customized for any diverse workforce. For more information on why points programs are so popular check out this article by Quality Incentive Company.

3 Loyalty Lessons (with 57 more where that came from!)

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

The 2014 Loyalty Guide is out and full of stats, insight and industry knowledge. One of the featured chapters this year is 60 “loyalty lessons.” This is a retail focused look on how loyalty can affect your business and how your customers purchase your products. A strong loyalty program can boost your customer return rate and raise each consumer’s life time value, while a bad loyalty program can be detrimental, even in the best economic climate. Here are three of our favorites from the chapter but all 60 employee and customer loyalty lessons can be found here. 

  • Retail and brand choices are heavily influenced by loyalty rewards. The Loyalty Guide studies have shown that customers are highly motivated by the notion of redeeming loyalty rewards. This motivation peaks when a customer has the opportunity to redeem those loyalty rewards across their favorite brands. This concept can also work for employee rewards. Managing an internal point system and allowing employees to redeem their loyalty or engagement points for a reward can be equally motivating and effective.
  • Loyalty data has saved retailers from the recession. The recession has made for some difficult times in the retail industry, but it has taught retailers an important lesson in priorities. Retailers learned that existing customer should always come first because they have shown loyalty and initiative towards the brand. If they have already purchased, it will cost a lot less to get them to purchase again. Loyalty is easier cultivated than created, so once you identify loyal customers, or employees, keep them around.
  • Get it right, and social media drives loyalty. Get it wrong, and social media drives brand defection. Social media can kill your business or give it a big, viral boost. When done right social media can drive engagement and purchasing as well as build good will between your consumers and your company. When done poorly, social media can tear down good will and defect even your most loyal consumers to your competitors. Give those social media passwords out wisely.

Quick Guide to CVS/pharmacy Gift Cards

Monday, March 31st, 2014

cvs cardsQuick Guide to CVS/pharmacy Gift Cards

Our CVS gift cards offer a variety of options for a variety of rewards. With over 7,600 locations in the U.S. carrying a wide range of everyday essentials, what better way to motivate your members or employees than through one of our CVS gift card options? From co-pay costs to beauty products, they cover all of the must-haves. Here are our different CVS gift cards:

CVS/pharmacy Gift Card:

Available in denominations from $5 to $500

The CVS/pharmacy gift card lets cardholders purchase thousands of items, including those from the pharmacy.

CVS/pharmacy Select Gift Card:

Available in denominations from $5 to $500

The CVS Select card is designed to promote wellness. It works the same as the CVS/pharmacy gift card, except it only lets the holder purchase healthy items. That means that, while it works on everything from co-pays to baby products, it actually filters out unhealthy items, including candy, alcohol and tobacco products.

To order or learn more, visit our CVS/pharmacy gift card page.

CVS/pharmacy, the place for fun and unexpected gifts this Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014
SNL shot

CVS/pharmacy featured in SNL parody

Saturday Night Live featured CVS/pharmacy in a Valentine’s Day parody last Saturday. And the gist of the message? You can find a number of fun, quirky and sometimes random gift ideas for your special someone at the one-stop shop.

Apart from the staple candy, cards and flowers that work well for last minute shoppers, be sure to spend an extra couple of minutes on the other aisles [yes, like the dog food one]…you may find something truly unique that could put a smile on the face of your gift recipient.

Missed it? Watch the SNL CVS “Commercial” here.

GiftCard Partners works with CVS/pharmacy to sell bulk CVS/pharmacy gift cards at discounted rates. Interested in learning more? Check us out!

Corporate Wellness, Foster a Culture of Health in the Workplace

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Whether you’ve just implemented a corporate wellness program or have had one in place for years, one thing to pay close attention to is the culture of health that it creates in your workplace. Without it, your program is like a boat on dry land…not really going anywhere.

Company culture is built from the top down. One great way to show management’s support in your corporate wellness program is by encouraging employees to make and keep “health-goals”, like losing weight, joining a smoking cessation program and quitting, joining a gym, etc.  Rewarding employees for these milestone achievements in their health is a great motivational tool and using healthy incentives brings the process full circle. Healthy incentives can be any number of things and don’t need to break the bank either. Small denomination gift cards to health-focused  stores like CVS/pharmacy or Whole Foods Market are a great way to reward. Get more healthy gift ideas on a budget from’s 50 Healthy Gifts Under $50.

Check out this article in Corporate Wellness Magazine to learn more about employee motivational tools and creating a culture of health.

Incentives to Eat Less and Increase Employee Productivity

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Do you notice your employees coming back from their lunch break just a little slower than when they left? Well studies show that it might be due to that large lunch they ate. A U.S. study by Wellness & Prevention, Inc., published in the April issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed the relationship between a large lunch and a slower worker.

According to the report, a company of 1,000 employees had an annual productivity loss of $107,965 due to binge eating. The issue with binge eating is not one to overlook. It not only costs your company money and but also affects the health of your employees. So what to do? “These findings suggest that efforts to improve the health, productivity, and performance of employee populations should include routine screenings and interventions for binge eating behavior,” said Richard Bedrosian, Ph.D., Director of Behavioral Health and Solution Development at Wellness & Prevention, Inc.

So encourage employees to participate in programs that address the issue of binge eating and look to solve it. CVS/pharmacy gift cards or the CVS Select Card, a selectively filtered card that filters out items not supporting a healthy lifestyle, not only offer the perfect incentive for participation in these kinds of programs but also send your employees the right message about the importance of their health.

Employee Wellness and Safety Programs: How Health and Wellness and Safety Incentives Work

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

GiftCard Partners and CVS/pharmacy recently co-sponsored a webinar called Healthcare Reform’s Impact on Wellness – How to Incentivize Employees to Engage in Healthy Behavior. Speakers included Jonathan Edelheit, Editor in Chief of Benefits Live Magazine, Vanessa Cullerton, Senior Manager of Employee Wellness for the Hillshire Brands Company, Stacey Nelson, Manager of Health and Welfare for Sprint; and our own Edward Shulkin, President of GiftCard Partners.

The webinar tees up many of the effects of healthcare reform on wellness programs, but it also dives into actual employee wellness and safety incentives cases as well. In the webinar, Edelheit says: “If we look at manufacturing; gift card incentives are used really to motivate employees to engage in safer behaviors. That’s been happening for a while as a reward. If it’s done systematically with proper measurement methods, and you create a culture of preventing accidents, the company’s going to realize an ROI of increased productivity, reduced healthcare premiums, and potentially reduced worker comp claims. If we look at unsafe workplaces in this context, the National Safety Council reported that 3.8 million annual workplace injuries took place in the U.S., 90,000 of which caused permanent damage. The average cost per injury is $28,000, which was for a grand total of $130 billion dollars nationally.”

In our research, we found manufacturers getting creative with their safety programs, like a manufacturer who puts gift cards to work as incentives within their safety program: An electronics and process controls company plays “Safety Bingo” every month and they have been accident free for 15 years. “I use them as prizes, sometimes we will have 2 games going at one time like 4 corners and a regular Bingo, so I will give a $50 gift card for the 4 corners. Or I will surprise an employee who I catch using all their PPE (personal protective equipment) correctly.”

Register and check out the full webinar for more examples on how incentives are being used: Healthcare Reform’s Impact on Corporate Wellness & Incentivizing Employees



Corporate Wellness Programs – Impressive Results

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 reports some pretty impressive corporate wellness program successes, like:

  • For every workplace wellness dollar spend, health care costs fall by about $3.27
  • Productivity increases
  • Absenteeism costs fall by approximately $2.37

This knowledge has led to more than 90% of large employers to add at least 1 benefit to their package and more than 60% of smaller employers to do the same.

Since employees and their  dependents’ health is largely affected by at home and out-side of the office factors, the site’s article also reminds us that corporate wellness programs can only go so far.

Have you considered using this fact to promote health during off-working-hour times? You can do this by providing health and wellness incentives such as gift cards to healthy retailers and merchants, such as CVS/pharmacy, Whole Foods Market, GNC, and Boston Market, where families can get fast, yet well rounded meals.

Learn more about “healthy incentives” and get your workforce on a healthy track, in and out of the workplace.

Source and read more: Trust for America’s Health: Employee Wellness: Beyond 9-to-5

Employee Gifting Gone Right, Ideas Under $50

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Contrary to popular belief it’s not always about the amount you spend on your holiday workplace gifts that shows how much you appreciate your employees hard work throughout the year. Breaking the bank need not be a concern when choosing the best way to thank employees this holiday season. Entrepreneur’s Margie Zable Fisher highlights some creative, thoughtful, fun and cost efficient gift ideas in several categories:

Food- Two words sum up this category: Sweet Tooth. Holidays are the time of year to indulge in the sweeter things in life. Try giving a box of fine chocolates or a basket of cupcakes from a local bakery, they’re sure to please.

Stress relief- Everyone is a little stressed out this time of year. Give them something to soothe their nerves. Herbal teas or aromatherapy products make great gift baskets.

Technology- It’s impossible to go anywhere and not see someone with an iPhone or iPad. Help employees protect their gadgets with cool cases or accessories.

Gift Cards- Some people are just impossible to shop for and that’s the beauty of gift cards. Give the gift of a night out of the kitchen with gift cards to The Cheesecake Factory or help out with everyday purchases with gift cards to CVS/pharmacy.

Check out more great gift ideas from Entrepreneur’s ‘Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50: Thirty thoughtful employee gifts for small businesses on a budget.’

The Latest in Corporate Health and Wellness Research

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

GCP’s CVS eNews is here! What you will find:

  • The Business of Healthy employees from Virgin HealthMiles
  • The 2012 Health Care Survey on acquiring better better results from Aon Hewitt
  • eNews Interactive: how to Promote Healthy Eating for Healthy Employees with Farmer’s Markets
  • Small Business Corner: Small Bonuses Make a Big Impact on Employees
  • Create a Happy Environment in Your Office…It Pays Off

And more…click to get the latest incentive and gift card news.