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Quick Guide to CVS/pharmacy Gift Cards

Monday, March 31st, 2014

cvs cardsQuick Guide to CVS/pharmacy Gift Cards

Our CVS gift cards offer a variety of options for a variety of rewards. With over 7,600 locations in the U.S. carrying a wide range of everyday essentials, what better way to motivate your members or employees than through one of our CVS gift card options? From co-pay costs to beauty products, they cover all of the must-haves. Here are our different CVS gift cards:

CVS/pharmacy Gift Card:

Available in denominations from $5 to $500

The CVS/pharmacy gift card lets cardholders purchase thousands of items, including those from the pharmacy.

CVS/pharmacy Select Gift Card:

Available in denominations from $5 to $500

The CVS Select card is designed to promote wellness. It works the same as the CVS/pharmacy gift card, except it only lets the holder purchase healthy items. That means that, while it works on everything from co-pays to baby products, it actually filters out unhealthy items, including candy, alcohol and tobacco products.

To order or learn more, visit our CVS/pharmacy gift card page.

Corporate Wellness: Fostering Employee Health in the Workplace Through Meditation

Monday, September 16th, 2013

The answer for the slow, tired feeling at work used to be reaching for a cup of strong black coffee but for a well-known company in California the cure comes from something a little more natural, meditation. Meditation is a growing trend, not just with Google, but with several other big names like of Twitter and Facebook that are making contemplative practices key features within their companies.

“Across the Valley, quiet contemplation is seen as the new caffeine, the fuel that allegedly unlocks productivity and creative bursts,” writes Wired writer Noah Shachtman in his article Enlightenment Engineers.

You don’t need to be a company as large as Google or Facebook to take advantage of this growing trend. Yo-Fi Wellness is a company devoted to employee wellness and offers the latest in corporate wellness incentives for companies of any size. Meditation, yoga, fitness and nutrition are all offered on their online platform, bringing healthy living initiatives to employees through inspiring and instructive video programs.

Corporate wellness is directly related to a company’s bottom line so it’s important to find the best way to incorporate it in your organization. Set a tone of health with your employees. Whether it be through education, engagement or motivation with incentives, find out what works best for them.

Lower Health Care Costs with Healthy Incentives

Monday, April 1st, 2013

As health care costs are on the rise many companies scramble to find the best way to counter the issue and the answer could be ‘in the incentives.’

Aon Hewitt just released a survey from 800 large and mid-sized U.S. employers, representing more than 7 million U.S. employees and found that 83 percent offer employee incentives for participation in a variety of wellness programs that strive to improve employees health. Out of these 83 percent:

  • 79 percent offer incentives in the form of a reward
  • 5 percent offer incentives in the form of a consequence
  • 16 percent offer a mix of both rewards and consequences

Employers saw a number of positive results stem from the sue of incentives:

  • More than half reported improved health behaviors and/or an increase in employee engagement
  • Almost half believed there was positive impact on employee morale, satisfaction and/or attitudes
  • 44% saw changes in health risks

While reducing health care costs is a top concern, developing a health-conscious culture within your workforce should play a major role. One great way to set a healthy atmosphere is to reward employees with healthy incentives like low denomination gift cards to Whole Foods Market or CVS, partnering with a local gym to offer membership specials, or give extra vacation days to those that meet the goals like weight loss or lower cholesterol.

Fostering a healthier workforce doesn’t need to be looked at as a challenge, but rather an opportunity. One that, if done right, could decrease high absenteeism, increase employee engagement and motivation, and in the long run could lower health care costs for both employees and the company.

Gift Cards, Perfect Workplace Social Incentive

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Although the roots of the term “social incentives” goes back to the positive feelings humans gain when interacting with friends and peers; the term and concept has been leveraged in the workplace with great success. Historically, social incentives include the positive feedback one receives from peers, and even the presence of friends can be considered a social incentive.

In the workplace, it has been proven that the presence of friends affects worker’s attitude, behavior and their levels of productivity. Employers can help forge new friendships and relationships in the workplace by formalizing social incentives as part of their ongoing motivation, recognition and rewards programs.

Employers would thereby use the concept of social incentives as a way to encourage teams of coworkers to work together for common goals. Teams, cross-functional teams or randomly assembled  groups can join forces in a health and wellness program to collectively improve a workplace health and wellbeing outcomes, while driving individuals’ positive behaviors, keeping participants engaged and ultimately, drive results.

Where’s the proof? In the article Increase Participation with Social Incentives, by Wellsource; it is reported that a rate of 64% participation was garnered for individuals on a team, versus 44% participation for those in the same program, with the same incentive, but without being part of a team.

Now add a carrot like gift cards for successful participation, reaching milestones, and continued engagement and you are employing a well-rounded idea to keep your programs fresh. Why gift cards? Rewarding with a gift card like The Cheesecake Factory or Subway and the teams can dine together or get healthy take-out together to further develop the Comradery created by your program.

Are you encouraging teams to work together for common goals and individual productivity?

Source: Wellsource: Increase Participation with Social Incentives

A Health and Wellness Cultural Revolution, Make Your Workplace a Part of it!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

This article was brought to our attention by GCP’s co-founder, Ed Shulkin (thank you Ed!).  It’s enlightening and heartening to know that there are companies out there that, like GCP, are
striving for a complete balance of work-life. This article outlines the importance of promoting 5 factors of well-being into the workplace lives: career, social, financial, physical and community well-being. BUT, the true gems of this article are in the depth of the interviews and stories of how these factors are integrated into the cultures of companies like Zappos.

From Return on Performance eBook

We are introduced to the concept of empowering workers’ real personalities to come forward, which allows hidden special talents to shine through, thereby creating a full-on well-centric workplace culture. Sounds like simple and basic HR-speak? Not if your one of these companies doing it right…it’s brilliant and often overlooked.

I hope this article inspires you to adopt a well-being workplace philosophy…summarizing won’t do it justice, read on:  Creating a culture of well-being by Return On Performance Magazine(ROP).