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Employees Wellness Programs Pay for Themselves

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

By now you are probably familiar with the new laws that took effect as part of the Affordable Care Act earlier this summer. Employers can now offer incentives totaling 30% of total plan cost (they used to only be able to offer 20%) to employees who are healthy, taking preventative measures to stay healthy, or meeting goals to get healthier. The idea is that employers should encourage wellness (not just for the greater good of society) because it cuts down on absenteeism and the cost of health care benefits for the employer…and the benefits keep coming. A review of 72 studies in the American Journal of Health Promotion revealed these staggering figures:

  • There is a $3.48 ROI in health care costs for every one dollar spent on employee wellness programs
  • There is a $5.82 ROI in absenteeism costs for every one dollar spent on employee wellness programs
  • There is a $4.30  ROI in combined (and averaged) health care and absenteeism costs for every one dollar spent on employee wellness programs

So keep your employee healthy, and if they are not healthy, encourage them to be. Use small spot rewards like gift cards to healthy retailers like Whole Foods MarketCVS/Pharmacy and GNC to support their new lifestyle. Organize lunch time walking groups or a pick-up game of kickball after work. Find a way to work employee wellness into your organizations’ strategy because not only is it good for your employees health and morale, it is good for your bottom line. 

Introducing Yo-Fi Wellness – The Latest in Wellness Gifts for Employees

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Yo-Fi Wellness is churning some serious waves in the sea of corporate wellness incentives! As employer healthcare costs continue to rise; innovative wellness incentives continue to offer companies of all sizes the latest in corporate wellness incentives and wellness gifts for employees. This online platform brings healthy living initiatives to employees through inspiring and instructive video programs, on any device.

Offering expert yoga, fitness, nutrition and meditation video content, Yo-Fi Wellness empowers employees to live a healthier lifestyle, reducing absenteeism in the workplace and improving employee productivity. The Yo-Fi Wellness digital platform is the perfect solution to providing corporate gifts, incentives and rewards via gift cards and e-Certs.

The Rise of Digital Health in Employee Health and Wellness

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

As we see a rise in the number of employee health and wellness initiatives from employers around the country, we see a unique trend growing alongside: digital health. Digital health programs help facilitate employee health and wellness programs and provide a streamlined easy delivery method for employers to carry out their health and wellness programs. With a majority of employers offering some kind wellness program, 22% of that population using some kind of gaming to leverage those initiatives, digital health companies are finding a market for their unique products.

Digital health companies help streamline the tracking of employee progress, can help foster friendly competition when needed, and prominently provide a seamless way to offer rewards for the 79% of employers offering health and wellness programs who incorporate a reward or incentive into their program to motivate employees. Digital health companies also offer a variety of implementations, from mobile apps, internal dashboards only employees have access to, and stand-alone interfaces where employees can sign in and track progress. For employers, these applications bring relief and automation to track employee progress, rather than having to track each participants progress and give rewards at the appropriate time, digital health products can often automatically deliver a bonus, or an e-gift card to a healthy lifestyle retailer like GNCWhole Foods Market, or NutriSystem. These rewards keep employees motivated and on track towards their long term health and wellness goals, which helps organizations control their healthcare costs.

For more information on Digital Health and employee health and wellness programs check out this article from MobiHealthNews.

Workplace Wellness Initiatives Take Top Priority in Maximizing Productivity

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Employers have been making the connection between workplace wellness initiatives and a healthy workforce. Prioritizing wellness in the workplace is a great way to increase productivity and raise your bottom line. According to Bucks’ Consultants’ new study: Working Well: A Global Survey of Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies, which polled more than 1,300 organizations in 45 countries, executives are ranking workplace wellness initiatives as a top driver of productivity and profitability. Ensuring your workforce is healthy, whether offering smoking cessation programs or group weight loss initiatives, is an easy key to success for your business.

Rewarding employees for reaching the goals of their wellness programs is a low cost way to both increase participation, and control healthcare costs for your organization while still having positive effects on your bottom line. Using small incentives such as gift cards for healthy retailers such as NutriSystemGNC, or Whole Foods Market, are easy investments in your workplace wellness initiatives that will ensure the goals of the program are met. Keeping employees satisfied and supported at work, controlling costs, creating a healthier workforce, and improving productivity and profitiability are all reasons top executives are making workplace wellness a key topic in organizational planning and execution. If you are looking for more information on making workplace wellness initiatives a priority at your organization check out this article from Human Resource Executive Online.

Corporate Wellness Programs – Impressive Results

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 reports some pretty impressive corporate wellness program successes, like:

  • For every workplace wellness dollar spend, health care costs fall by about $3.27
  • Productivity increases
  • Absenteeism costs fall by approximately $2.37

This knowledge has led to more than 90% of large employers to add at least 1 benefit to their package and more than 60% of smaller employers to do the same.

Since employees and their  dependents’ health is largely affected by at home and out-side of the office factors, the site’s article also reminds us that corporate wellness programs can only go so far.

Have you considered using this fact to promote health during off-working-hour times? You can do this by providing health and wellness incentives such as gift cards to healthy retailers and merchants, such as CVS/pharmacy, Whole Foods Market, GNC, and Boston Market, where families can get fast, yet well rounded meals.

Learn more about “healthy incentives” and get your workforce on a healthy track, in and out of the workplace.

Source and read more: Trust for America’s Health: Employee Wellness: Beyond 9-to-5

Promote Health in Your Office

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

We are increasingly seeing companies adopt health and wellness programs as a way to manage staggering health care costs. These programs promote healthy behavior, which can reduce the employers health cost per employee. According to one study, lifestyle related illnesses account for 80% of all employer health care costs. Health and wellness programs help companies of all sizes save money, from small start-ups to large corporations. Johnson and Johnson recently stated that their health and wellness program has saved the company more than $250 million in health care costs over the last 10 years. The impact is measurable across a large variety of organizations.

Skeptical Employees?

As more companies begin to adopt this practice employers are looking at how much these programs affect their bottom line, and how best to affect their employees’ behaviors. While many employees can be quick to adopt programs offerings, others feel as though it is a violation of their personal life in the workplace. These individuals often adopt the practice with the incorporation of Health and Wellness rewards. Carrot rewards, that offer incentives for desired behavior, such as meeting a health goal or quitting smoking are proven to be the most effective method of implementing health and wellness rewards. Small incentives such as gift cards to retailers that promote healthy living such as CVS/PharmacyGNC and Nutrisystem can help guide employees and make a tangible contribution to their effort to live a healthier life. The more dedicated to health your employees are, the lower your costs, and the larger your bottom line.


For more information about health and wellness program effectiveness check out this article from the Huffington Post.

Employers Using Incentives to Improve Organizational Health

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

vAs employers continue to try to control costs of health insurance benefits they are turning to incentives more and more frequently for their Health & Wellness programs. Incentives motivate employees to evaluate and improve their health, which obviously benefits employees and simultaneously helps lower costs for employers. Aon Hewitt’s recent survey of nearly 2,000 U.S. employers, their combined 20 million U.S. employees and their dependents found that 84% of employers offer employees incentives for participating in a health risk questionnaire (HRQ) and 64 percent offer incentives for biometric screenings to help employees evaluate their health status. 51% of employers provide incentives for participation in health and wellness improvement programs as well.

The incentives used here do not need to be big, but rather need to be meaningful. Helping employees maintain their health and reach new health goals can be as simple as offering a gift cards to CVS/Pharmacy or GNC. A small investment such as this easily provides noticeable ROI  to employers and employees feel support from their employer;,that their employer cares about them as a person, not just a part of the organization. Bettering your employees’ health can often better your bottom line.


For more information on Aon Hewitt’s survey on Health and Wellness Incentives check out this article from Insurance Journal.

Infographic on Obesity in the Workplace

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

The following infographic from shows how obesity, growing ever more prevalent in workplaces across the country, can cost your company valuable money and resources. Implementing health and wellness programs for employees using small incentives, such as gift cards to assist in living a healthy lifestyle, such as the CVS/Pharmacy Select Card  or a GNC gift card can save your company money and keep your employees healthy, productive, and happy in their jobs. Check out the information below to help prevent obesity in your office.


Providing Employee Well-Being through your Wellness Program

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Health and wellness programs help employees engage in healthy behavior which drives down health care costs for the employer. These programs also engage employees with their co-workers and with the organization itself. Health and wellness programs convey support for employees from their employer which helps retention rates, employee productivity, and employee emotional well-being. ComPsych 2012, a newly release wellness trend study  showed the following statistics about employee well-being which further emphasizes the importance of health and wellness programs at work.

  •  40% say a physical health or emotional problem has interfered with normal activities with family, friends, neighbors or groups.
  • 36% say they are tense or anxious much of the time.
  • 32% report being unable to stop thinking about their problems.

Dedicated employers will maintain dedicated employees. It is important to engage employees in these types of programs, and reward desired behavior to maintain interest in the programs. Providing spot rewards for achievement of goals, such as a small denomination CVS Select® Card, a selectively filtered gift card which debits only on healthy items, is a great way to keep employees engaged and avoid emotional or physical health issues that can interfere with work. Investing in your employees will ensure that they continuously invest their time and energy in their job and the organization.

For more information on employee emotional well-being and health and wellness programs and rewards check out this blog post from Huffington Post.

Social Gaming Towards Health

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

As pressure increases on employers and health insurance companies to bring down costs by improving plan participants’ health, insurance companies are developing virtual reality games and inter-organizational competition with real rewards. As employees hit health goals and milestones in gaming portals that can range from basic health tracking and rewards to more social, team based competition applications, health care providers and insurance companies offer rewards. The rewards can range from small denomination gift cards to a much bigger prize like a vacation upon reaching the participant’s desired wellness goals.

Gamification of health and wellness programs aims to target the social nature of people, and the current application of social media. Health care providers are looking to tap into the same kind of addictive social gaming as apps like Farmville. Allowing participants to be social while working towards wellness goals makes them feel a part of a greater mission and they can affect not just themselves, but their teammates and colleagues.


For more information on gamification of health and wellness programs check out this Wall Street Journal Article.