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Industry Giants Combine for Contactless Payments during London 2012 Olympics

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Longtime Olympic sponsor Visa, and cell phone giant Samsung have combined forces to launch a mobile app that will allow for patrons at the 2012 London Olympics to pay for purchases with a wave of their hand. The Visa payWave technology uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to allow consumers to pay with a wave of their mobile phone, with an approved smartphone at a specially designed mobile payment terminal. Although the technology is limited to consumers who have the approved device, this technology is believed to take less time at POS than any credit card, debit card, or cash transaction. Additionally, statistics from credit card comapnies show that consumers tend to spend more per transaction at mobile payment terminals.

This technology, if it catches on from the global exposure at the 2012 Summer Games, could revolutionize payment systems. Imagine being able to redeem a gift card with a wave of your hand, instead of waiting in line to redeem your gift. The time efficiency and convenience of payment could revolutionize payments, as well as change the way consumers handle their smartphones. Phones could turn into a consumer’s, phone, computer, wallet, and bank all tucked safely into their pocket.

How do you see Contactless Payment affecting credit, debit, and gift card use going forward? For more information check out this Point of Sale News article.

Tips for Shopping with your Mobile Wallet

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

As mobile wallet technology becomes more common, and more retailers begin accepting programs like Google Wallet and MasterCard PayPass it is important to know how and when to use your mobile wallet technology. These tips will help maximize your experience AND keep your financial information secure.

Tap-and-pay systems: Systems like Google Wallet and MasterCard’s PayPass are going to only gain momentum. The technology is improving (for instance moving away from a tap, and more towards a wave motion), and the types of locations accepting this form of payment is increasing. How different would it be to do away with metro card systems for public transit, and simply be able to swipe your SmartPhone? It may happen sooner than you think.

PayPal mobile payments: Mobile banking apps such as these allow you to make purchases, and even in some cases, transfer funds without disrupting your life. You can order pizza and pay from the couch, or even transfer bonus funds from your company to your employees, making year-end bonuses instant and convenient.

Roaming credit card readers: These devices allow small businesses and organizations, such as a Girls Scout troop in Ohio (who boasted a 13% increase in cookie sales) to use credit cards without paying a prhibitive fee. These credit card readers come at either a nominal fee (usually a small percentage of each sale) or free to the user. And don’t fear about the initial security concerns, readers encrypt financial information before transmitting to the bank.

Mobile wallet technology is growing, so make sure you know the basics of how to use it, when to use it, and which products to take advantage of. For more information on mobile wallet technology check out the article in U.S. News and World Report.

Mobile Payments, the Credit Card of the Future

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Within 9 weeks of Starbucks launching mobile payment apps,customers chose to pay with their phones over 3 million times, according to an eMarketer interview with Starbucks VP of Digital Ventures Adam Brotman.  The apps provide convenience and control for customers, and speeds up those dreaded lines at Starbucks on weekday mornings.  Customer use of the app increases steadily as time goes on.


But where are mobile payment systems going? The innovation has to keep evolving if it is going to maintain its popularity.  Starbucks has already added an egift card component to the app, meaning that one Starbucks customer can gift another customer with the app through the mobile system.  This is a computer free, cash free, and credit card free transaction that can happen anywhere.  Imagine being able to receive gifts anytime anywhere, whether it is birthday gifts, or a reward from an employer. Mobile payments also help retailers track in-store activity based on mobile coupons.  Brotman explains “In response to an ad campaign ran by adidas via Google’s AdMob where 10% discounts were offered Schultz said “they were able to track that in-store activity, they saw that the weekly redemption numbers were up 50 percent. You still have users who are willing to engage with commerce now. As consumers we don’t operate in silos and as marketers we should either. When we work with retailers, we try to figure out their strategies and how we can enable that – we look at consumer behavior.”


Convenience for consumers, additional metrics and tracking for retailers.  Get rid of your cash, and shred your credit cards, just make sure you have your smartphone.


For more information on mobile payments click here.

Small Business Innovation: GoPayment

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

This week Verizon Wireless and Intuit introduced technology that is changing the face of small and medium sized businesses.  Ever been to your local mom and pop shop, only to discover they are hesitant or unable to take your credit card? Well fear no more, for all of you carrying around cash-less wallets, this new technology will come in handy for you! Intuit and Verizon Wireless rolled out the GoPayment system, a mobile app for a smartphone or tablet, with a small, pocket-sized credit card reader that actually transforms your mobile device into a credit card reader.  Compatible with Android, Blackberry, and iOS the GoPayment system allows businesses to give any customer the option of paying with plastic, instead of having to turn down potential business.  GoPayment allows users to add tips, taxes, and even syncs with newer versions of Quickbooks, which basically means the accounting for small businesses will do itself, if this system is implemented.  This is the answer for small businesses, mobile businesses, or any business that is eager to bring ease of payment to its clients.  How would you use this system? Do you feel secure with a system like this housing your financial information? Do you think it could be used as instant gratification for employee rewards and sale of gift cards? Let us know what you think about GoPayment by leaving a comment!


For more information on Intuit and Verizon Wirless’ GoPayment system click here.

Who Needs a Wallet When You Have a Smartphone?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Can’t find your wallet as you are running to the store?  Soon, this will be no problem, as long as you can find your smartphone.  Google will soon be launching “Google Wallet,” an application that turns Smartphones (starting only with certain Android powered phones) into mobile payment systems.  The technology will use NFC (near field communication) technology to allow consumers to pay for purchases, receive special offers, and administer loyalty and rewards programs.  So does this new technology bring online customers offline, or offline customers online…let us know what you think!

For more information on the launch of Google Wallet, click here.

Are you ready for mobile marketing and mobile commerce?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Widespread mobile internet adoption is upon us and this graphic by B2B Bloggers suggests when it’s due to over-take desktop internet usage. When will more people look to their mobile devices vs. their PC’s to receive their retail marketing messages, coupons, and redeem their gift cards? Is 2014 the tipping point?

Graphic from B2B Bloggers

Graphic Source: This is a portion of the original graphic by B2B Bloggers.

B2B gift card programs are following this trend closely. Employee incentive and loyalty programs are designed to be fun, interactive and timely in order to engage participants. As heavy mobile adopters become the majority of employees, incentive program participants and loyalty rewards recipients will utilize mobile wallets, which include apps storing their gift cards.

Question coming soon to an office near you: “Can I receive my incentive gift card on my mobile phone?”

Graphic Source: This is a portion of the original graphic by B2B Bloggers. Visit the original graphic and post

Take-aways from Loyalty Expo: Social media, personalizing loyalty & mobile segmentation

Monday, April 11th, 2011

GCP’s Vice President of  Sales, Diane Freeland, is back from Loyalty 360’s annual Loyalty Expo & shares the top discussions that caught her attention.

Social media and customer care: Social media has altered the role of customer service in an organization, from primarily a support function to an extension of marketing. Brands can listen to what customers are saying, they can be proactive and more widely solicit product or service feedback, offer incentives like gift cards or points for sharing product information. Many of GCP’s clients are taking social media seriously, 1-800-Flowers was one of the first retailers to use Facebook’s platform.

For more details on social media & customer care, check out: How to Integrate Customer Service Into Social Media Marketing. It also includes 12 Ways Social Media Enhances Customer Service and 5 Ways to Measure Social Media Customer Service.

What’s next for loyalty programs? Are traditional points based loyalty programs dead?  The consensus was NO. However, significantly different redemption options need to be brought into the mix with gift cards, merchandise, and travel rewards (e.g intrinsic rewards like virtual game currency). We heard some interesting discussion around personalizing loyalty rewards for individual participants. Traditional loyalty programs offer everyone the same reward options; when rewards are personalized it starts a dialogue and treats the customer to rewards they’ve selected versus what is offered across the program. What if customers can select or “favorite” categories of rewards like gift cards for children’s clothes, brands of merchandise like “Apple”, and travel customized to “Inns on the east coast”? The learnings from programs like this could go a long way for the development of loyalty programs that listen!

Mobile Segmentation Marketing: Another interesting way to listen and respond to loyal customers; shaping customer personas based on their mobile usage. This allows thoughtful marketers to send the right kinds of messages to the right users and reward for loyalty via the right technology. The goal is to better increase the value of customer relationships based on how customers use their mobile phones, like m-certs (mobile gift cards). Carlson Marketing gave some great examples of how they are engaging in this strategy for the Hallmark Crown Rewards loyalty program; “Interactions turned into transactions”.

For more insights to mobile technology and gift cards, read GCP’s article: Why Mobile & Virtual Gift Cards are Becoming a Way of Life

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